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Our dedication to international certifications allows us to meet the highest quality norms for all our provided services and assets.

AEO License

On July 15th 2008, we applied for the Authorized Economic certificate. On October first 2009, we proudly announced that we had acquired the license, as the first Natie in Antwerp.

AEO is a rank which is awarded to consistently reliable market players who meet certain criteria and have displayed a high degree of reliability within their role in the supply chain. This rank allows us access to a simplified customs regulation and receive a reduction of the customs regulations for security.

ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate

In 1997 we introduced quality awareness to the company, with the goal of receiving a ISO 9001 norm certificate for all our provided services.

Following recurring questions from our clients, we realized it was necessary to switch to  a better, more customer-friendly quality standard. In March 2009 we obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which involves an annual audit and a three-yearly certificate renewal. In December 2018 we recieved the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

We keep raising the bar for ourselves. We expect the same level of service from our suppliers. These partnerships allow us to plan and search for the best possible solutions. This contributes to the excellent reputation our company carries.

IFS Logistics

In 2020, Tabaknatie focused itself on dedicated storage of food commodities. Now, in 2022, we can proudly announce that we are accredited with IFS Logistics Version 2.3 for storage and transportation in an area of about +/- 15.000 m2.
IFS certification, also known as International Featured Standards certification, is a widely recognized standard for assessing and certifying the safety, quality, and efficiency of logistics processes. It provides a benchmark for logistics companies to ensure that they meet the highest international standards and best practices for the handling, storage, and transportation of goods.

At our logistics company, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to our clients. That is why we have obtained IFS certification and continue to invest in training and development for our team. This certification is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing safe and reliable logistics solutions for our customers.

Tabaknatie is very aware of our environmental impact

Our company consistently takes the economic, environmental and social implications of our actions into account. Consultation with the different stakeholders plays a very important role in these efforts.

The focus of these commitments is the voluntarity of our actions. Meeting the legislative requirements is one thing, however we aim to exceed in our actions and initiatives from a social and environmental point of view.



Tabaknatie has committed itself to providing a safe working environment end accordingly  maintains a prevention policy aiming to promote the well-being of employees whilst executing their job.

We commit ourselves to reflect in advance on the current dangers in the companies and collective prevention measurements to be incorporated in order to prevent any health damage to our staff.

Creating a safe and healthy working environment
Avoiding damage and losses
Complying with Safety- and Health Legislation
Maintaining an effective prevention policy
A safe conduct in all circumstances
Promoting co-operation
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