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Tabaknatie stands for solution-oriented cooperation. Not only with our colleagues, but everyone who is involved in our business, expertise and knowhow.

Solution-oriented cooperation unifies us as a team and allows us to overcome difficult procedures. It’s our key to success today, and in the future.

This is why we have established four core principles which allow us to find the most successful results for your enterprise.

One Vision

Our goal is to achieve  mutual success.Our understanding of you, your complex logistical challenges are the building blocks of healthy, respectful and reliable partnership.

Synergistic Performance

Open communication and a flexible mindset allow our service teams to streamline your logistic processes. We want to achieve the best possible results, with reliability and expertise.

Collaborative Mindset

As an established global leader in our sector, our job is to support you in your endeavors. Our collaborative mindset flows through the entire process, unifying our diverse talents, broad expertise and advanced innovations.


Together we strive for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Are you ready to intensify our family?

At Tabaknatie you can count on an extended HR-team.  Not only are we talking about the colleagues within the department but also all the departmental representatives, starting with senior management, general management and team leaders.

Our core objective is to elevate the performance of our fellow workers - and therefore our company !

We try to achieve this by ; on one hand nurturing the ‘human’ and on the other hand managing the career and competences of our professional co-workers.  In short we care about your results and your well-being.

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