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Tabaknatie, a family business resulting in one vision with quick decisions, has managed to position itself over the years as a global market leader in storage, transport, logistics and other related activities for organic and other high-quality products.

Today Tabaknatie holds specialized warehouses with a total surface of more than 1.000.000m², offering the most advanced technologies for storage and treatment in addition to your logistic and transport issues

This enables us to offer our clients a very wide range of high-quality services.

One Vision

Our goal is to achieve mutual success. Our understanding of you, and your complex logistic challenges are the building blocks of a healthy, respectful and reliable partnership.

Synergetic Performances

Open communication and a flexible mindset allow our service teams to streamline your logistic processes. We want to achieve the best possible results, with reliability and expertise.

Collaborative Mindset

As an established global leader in our sector, our job is to support you in your endeavors. Our collaborative mindset flows through the entire process, unifying our diverse talents, broad expertise and advanced innovations.

Mutual Responsibilities

Together we strive for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

In our sector we are proud to state we are an established value!

At Tabaknatie we deviate from the classic relationship between customer and service provider. We opt for a valuable, respectful and reliable partnership which ameliorates both parties , we engage ourselves to actively take part In brainstorming with our clients. An impeccable satisfaction rate is the target in which we can offer our clients the flexibility they require and this for a 100% range of services


Today, Tabaknatie operates six specialised warehouses, with a cumulative surface area of more than a million m².



Tabaknatie distinguishes itself as a unique transport-architect of groundbreaking new concepts and ideas, with years of experience in niche-markets.



Tabaknatie customs guarantees a wide range of fast and reliable services.



We offer our expertise in the field of Full Container Loads and Less Than Container Loads, as well as project shipments.



The goal of our VAS  is giving added value to your product and supply chain.


Value added services


The goal of Tabaknatie consulting is support other companies in the further supply chain and improving our customer services.

Customised Services


Tabaknatie, your all-round specialist in storage and logistics

Tabaknatie keeps on investing in the further expansion of its human capital , storage facilities and other related offered services.

Its gained experience and knowhow in processing tobacco is currently used as a base for the positioning as an all round specialist in stocking and treating, transporting and logistics covering a diversity of organic and other premium products.

Tabaknatie, a family business resulting in one vision with fast decisions
of the storage space in the port of Antwerp
storage capacity
Transports each year
Are you ready to intensify our family?

At Tabaknatie you can count on an extended HR-team.  Not only are we talking about the colleagues within the department but also all the departmental representatives, starting with senior management, general management and team leaders.

Our core objective is to elevate the performance of our fellow workers - and therefore our company !

We try to achieve this by ; on one hand nurturing the ‘human’ and on the other hand managing the career and competences of our professional co-workers.  In short we care about your results and your well-being.

Where can you find us?

The strategic positioning of the warehouses in own management in the port of Antwerp contributes to the Tabaknatie success.

Join our family

Are you in search of a new challenge and would you like to strengthen the Tabaknatie team?

Corporate Responsibility

For every company decision corporate responsibility is both pursuing an elevated company efficiency,
and utilizing opportunities for a better environment and additional well-being for colleagues and community.


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Tabaknatie Consulting

The goal of Tabaknatie consulting is to support other companies in the further streamlining of their supply chain and improving our customer services and customer productivity.


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