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With the launch of warehouses under their own management, 25 years ago, Tabaknatie quickly managed to establish itself as a global leader in the warehousing of unmanufactured tobacco and tobacco related products.

Today, Tabaknatie operates six specialised warehouses, with a cumulative surface area of more than a million m², and we keep investing in the further expansion of our warehousing spaces.


All Tabaknatie warehouses have been incorporated with state of the art technologies, ranging from ESFR sprinkler systems and modern handling equipment, to customised automatisation processes and paper-free warehouses.

Tabaknatie offers it’s clients dedicated, as well as non dedicated warehousing spaces, depending on the volumes and risks involved. Our aim is to maintain optimally efficient cost management. We currently have six warehouses at our disposal

Inspection rooms with artificial daylight
High-security warehouses
Controlled temperature and humidity
Oxygen-poor rooms
Various warehousing systems
Optional capacity expansion
Modular railway connections

Each of our logistic warehouses has ample capacity for expansion and overflow. Because we are the proprietors of all our warehouses, we have the capability to adapt them to the desired needs of our customers.


All warehousing management is founded on the most innovative and current technologies. Our WMS gives our clients the best possible planning and real-time control of the entire supply chain.

Our mission is to keep perfecting and supporting our processes, using the most innovative technologies.

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